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Randy Osborne is the Director of Florida Eagle Forum as well as Director of Education for Heartland Research. He was also the President of Stop Common Core Coalition, an organization made up of over 50 various organizations state and nationwide. Randy has co-authored “Florida’s Common Core Standards, Policy Analysis” and “Our Children at Risk”.
He has organized state-wide events and rallies including, “Operation Education” with David Barton in Orlando, FL., “Rally in Tally” events, and State Presidential faith-based initiatives.

Randy has appeared on PBS Round Table, appeared twice on Glenn Beck’s- The Blaze, and has made weekly radio appearances on a central Florida Fox affiliate. He served two terms as Chairman of the Marion County Republican Party and has extensive campaign technological experience working on campaigns at local, state, and national levels, including Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. Randy has developed an educational and “get out the vote” network with over 1200 churches across the State and has spoken in over 300 churches about various topics including the church's interaction with government and developing a Biblical worldview. Randy was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to the Education Standards Task Force and was also appointed to the Marion County Florida Regulatory Review Advisory Board. Randy is a subject-matter expert on Islam and the incompatibility of Islam with Christianity and the United States Constitution, and has been a guest speaker in conferences across the State. Randy received a BA from Western Illinois University  and holds a Master's of Education from American College of Education. Randy Osborne and his wife, Ann, have two daughters and have lived in Ocala, FL for nearly 30 years.

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